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How does it works?
 A : We offer several different promotional tools and an instant subdomain creation.
Join us and You will immediately get your own subdomain.

There are different features offered to our Free and Gold members; depending on their membership.
Free members get their subdomain to promote their referral url while Gold members may use it to promote their referral url and as a rotator. More specifically:

FREE Members get:
  • Their own referral URL
  • 1 solo ad to all members
  • 5000 Banner Impressions
  • 20% commissions on Purchase/Upgrade
  • Bonus for reading onsite solo ads $0.003
  • Bonus for Daily Login $0.003

Advertising will be added upon account activation

Only UPGRADED GOLD MEMBERS may chose to use their Subdomain as:

  • Their main Referral URL
  • A Single URL (to promote their venture in a fashionable way)
  • A Subdomain Rotator for UNLIMITED urls on their own subdomain,
  • A Subdomain Rotator with Top frame (to promote 4 different links!)

Furthermore only UPGRADED GOLD MEMBERS get UNLIMITED additional Rotators!

Can I have more than one account?
 A : No, You can only have one account, would You create more than one, you will have all your accounts terminated.

Can I have a Rotator as a Free member?
 A : Unfortunately not, Rotators are only available to Upgraded members.

Can I also promote to members?
 A : YES! You can advertise Your Products from the "Advertise" page.
You can also exchange in Advertising what you will earn visiting Solo ad links and clicking on Banners.

Can I earn as a Free member or do I need to Upgrade?
 A : Here You can earn as a Gold and as a Free member too. Gold paid members have more earning power, of course, but free members can earn as well.

How do I Earn Money?
 A : Here at there are 4 different ways to earn Money:

1. By referring Free Members - You earn on every Active referral, depending on your membership.

2. On Every Referral Purchase and Upgrade - When one of your Referrals decide to Upgrade their membership or make a purchase, You earn money.

3. You earn on Solo Visits - Click on the Link "Browse Solo Ads", read some solos and click on links to earn.

4. Finally You earn upon Login - Log in your account daily to earn more.

When do You pay Commissions?
 A : We pay out with the "as soon as possible" formula, we have no reason to keep the money in our accounts but we pay only 1 payout request per person at a time!

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